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Two travellers. 

One destination. 

One competition. 


Your plane touches down in an exotic city, full of history, sights and strangers. How do you crack it open? How do you experience the best it has to offer, soak in the culture and avoid FOMO?


Meet Katie, who schedules her days with activities, sightseeing and feasting. But does this level of organisation get in the way of living in the moment? Enter Benny, who lives life unplanned, throwing caution to the wind in the hopes of discovery and fear of travelling for half a day to a bar that’s closed.  

Turning every place they visit into a battleground, Katie and Benny each have 12 hours to convince the other that their style of travel is superior and finally settle the ancient feud: Planned vs Rogue. 


Web series



Launched 2024


Benedict Kennedy-Cox and
Katie Morfoot

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