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General Experiments is a hatchery for creative start-ups based in Sydney, Australia. Our portfolio of projects – or experiments, as we call them – are incredibly diverse, but they have one thing in common: we believe they contribute in a positive way to society. We aim to empower artists and creatives who seek to drive positive social impact and expand community, innovate, welcome diversity and prioritise sustainability.


General Experiments provides a space for talented individuals to showcase their work, connecting them with like-minded creators. We offer comprehensive support services, including funding, resource access and mentorship. We assist by collaborating, exploring, planning, trialling and measuring the success of new projects. If they make it through, they graduate to our sister company, General Adventures. This is where projects take flight.

Work with us

Work with us

There are no roles currently available at General Experiments.

If you think you have something else you'd really like us to take a look at, email your CV, project info and links to . We get a lot of applications, but if we like what you do, we'll be in touch.


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