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Tomorrow Could Be Good

The future is something we’re all involved in creating – and Tomorrow Could Be Good is a podcast that starts from this idea. 


In this show, host Jo Smythe delves into the big issues with her guests, who are change-makers in different spheres: activists and lawyers, artists and parents. They're asked to bring in the three books that make them tick. They also reveal their secret survival habits, and, last but not least, name their fantasy dinner date. 

The conversations go deep into the wilds of Millennial culture, social change, the environment and tech – with a sidelong look at life’s challenges circa 2024.  


Over the 2023-24 summer period, Tomorrow Could Be Good is recording a season of shows in front of a live audience at Sappho Books, Glebe.  





Launched May 2023


Hosted by
Jo Smythe

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