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A spoiler-free explanation of season one Of Planned vs Rogue

Planned vs Rogue creators Benny and Katie have been shooting their new online travel series that we'd like to tell you about without spoiling where they go. To keep things interesting we'll be sharing some pics from our shooting days with zero context.

It’s Competitive

The show is called Planned vs Rogue with Katie and Benny representing each method of travel respectively. They each have one day in a city to take the other out, Katie with a well researched itinerary and Benny with nothing but the spirit of adventure. There are 11 episodes planned in this first season and we will be keeping track of the wins each week.

It Stars Benny and Katie

In this show Katie and Benny will be on split presenting duties. There is a slight competitive element to this that will flow throughout the series and focus on their preferred and very different methods of travel in our location for the week. There is a bit of banter back and forth and often some off camera stress but a lot of the filming days were fantastic fun.

It’s Mostly In Europe

Out of the 13 planned shooting locations (across 11 different countries), 11 of the locations are in Europe, Western Europe to be more precise. Some are cities they have already visited but most are cities they are exploring for the first time. The reason it was done like this is really because…

It Was A Last Minute Decision

After losing their lease, Katie and Benny decided to go on a big trip instead of paying ridiculous instalments off someone else’s mortgage. About a week before that they wondered if we shouldn’t finally attempt that travel show I’d been thinking about for over a year. A few days before flying out Benny caught up with a good friend who gave Benny his start in professional writing and he seemed to like the idea. So much so that…

We Have An Investor

Benny's friend and long-term business associate Piers is currently in the business of investing in interesting creative projects and recently founded the company General Experiments. Aside from a financial contribution and production assistance, Piers and the General Experiments team have provided guidance and insight to the project that has been of great use and inspiration. “Go down as many dark alleys as possible,” was Piers advice to Benny which he tried to keep in mind whenever filming, without getting them stabbed.

This Is A Pilot Season

This first series is an investment from both Katie, Benny and General Experiments with the aim to make it into something they can monetize long term. It’s all about finding quality in quantity and creating something sharp that people are going to want to watch, share and get invested in.

And that’s about all we want to say about it for now because 1) anything could happen in the editing room and 2) we really do want you to watch it and we're afraid if we say too much we might spoil it along with any chance you have of watching the damn thing.


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