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Introducing Breaking Trail

Our newest podcast is a yarn with athletes, artists, adventurers and explorers about what draws them to the wild. Hosted by Aussie adventurer Milly Young.

Our experiments continue to bubble away! Following on from our first podcast, Tomorrow Could be Good by Jo Smythe, we explore the great outdoors with Aussie adventurer, wilderness guide and environmentalist Milly Young in Breaking Trail.

The podcast is a playful exploration of life outside, as Milly has a yarn with athletes, artists, adventurers and explorers about what draws them to the wild and other big life questions. We discover their motivations, training, expedition details, success and failure, joy and darkness.

From climbing 8000m peaks, running 1000km-long trails and skiing epic descents, these stories will sweep you away and inspire you to quit your day job!

The adventurers and thrill seekers interviewed in Season 1 include Allie Pepper, Australian alpinist and mountain guide who is currently attempting to make history with a world record attempt to climb the world’s 14 highest mountains (all the 8000m peaks) without oxygen in the fastest time. As well as Majell Backhause, an Australian ultrarunner and environmentalist who ran 273km across the proposed Great Forest National Park to stop native forest logging.

Our first guest, Allie Pepper calls herself the ‘menopausal mountaineer’ and at 47 is taking on her biggest challenge yet. With very few, if any, female role models in adventure guiding Allie notes how “more and more women are climbing on 8000m mountains” and breaking stereotypes, recalling when she was asked how she would carry someone out of a canyon if they broke their ankle. Living by the belief that the greatest challenges offer the greatest rewards in life, she recalls her most memorable climb, from 23 years’ worth of mountains. On April 28th, 2022, at 3.57pm, Allie Pepper became the third Australian to achieve the summit of Annapurna, where 1 in 3 of those who make it to the summit do not make it back. In Allie’s words it was “terrifying and also beautiful”.


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